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What Are ERP and CRM? Do You Need Them?

By K. Lively
Whatever your business, whether you serve a regional community or clients nationwide, you likely require a secure and efficient computer platform for daily operations. Inventory, payroll, and communication concerns are usually stored on databases for easy access, and while with smaller companies the use of simple applications like Microsoft Office will suffice, larger firms need customization. For the business in need of a software that manages and coordinates all aspects of your work, applying ERP and CRM programs are the key to success.

Why Companies are Recognizing the Importance of ERP Training for the Employees

By Dave Poon
In most offices and companies in the global arena, ERP training of their own people is extremely important if they want to progress and move forward. It is an important skill which is valued so much because after all the training, the person in charge of the enterprise resource planning system has a big responsibility of watching over the company's valuable information and making sure that it is being accessed by the right people.

Streamline Your Accounts Receivables Process to Improve Cash Flow Efficiencies

By Lawrence Gilbert
This article provides an insight on the issues faced by organizations, with respect to their Accounts Receivable process. It also gives tips on how to reduce the DSO (days sales outstanding), improve collections management process and strategies to streamline the entire Accounts Receivable Process, to generate high dollar savings annually.

The Outsourcing History of India

By Rosemary George
The outsourcing history of India is one of phenomenal growth in a very short span of time.

Erp Companies | Erp Modules | Human Resource Planning | Service Business Software | Tally 7.2 Software | Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics